Hello everyone,
This is the official website for the Documentary Filmmaking Class taught by Melody Gilbert at the American University in Bulgaria(AUBG). Every semester a group of enthusiastic students take this class to explore interesting  topics and make short documentaries as well as a final feature documentary that is made as a class.

It’s one of the most exciting classes at AUBG because we become real filmmakers, especially after we screen our work in front of an audience in the school auditorium. Now we hope you will enjoy watching our films online. Please feel free to comment, like or share the films with anyone you know. That’s part of the fun for us. Thank you for watching!

Follow current process of creating a feature length documentary by Fall 2014 Doc Class!

Read what a student  wrote about her experience in Spring 2013 Doc Class.

Click on the links below to see the documentaries made by each class.

Fall 2014 Short Docs

Fall 2013 Short Docs 

Welcome Home

Spring 2013 Short Docs

I, too, am Bulgaria

Miss AUBG 2012



Documentary Class Fall 2014


Documentary Class Fall 2013


 Documentary Class Spring 2013